Moving Creativity | Berd

Moving Creativity | Berd

Berd is the studio of Miquel Rodriguez Estany, an audiovisual designer from Barcelona. Inspired by colours, design and things moving. Currently, Miquel lives in London and work as a 3D Artist. Throughout his work you can see his great love for the world of photography, design and animation, especially when it is created by computer.

Miquel Rodriguez Estany since childhood has been a very curious person and loved to learn new things, and in that regard, he still claims to be child searching for creativity and innovation in everything around him.

In an interview at Renderfeed he spoke about his name “Berd”.

Berd is a combination of the English “bird” and “verd”, the word for the color green in my native language, Catalán. I like the bird metaphor: Birds never stay in the same place for long; they keep flying, a bit like me, moving from client to client, from project to project. And needless to say, green is my favorite color!

Check out Berd’s website and portoflio :


Blub is Miquel’s personal project he has been working on recently. Playing with Cinema 4D, Miquel discovered how to create this kind of “landscapes” with just one plane and a displacer effector. This was also a good way to learn and practice the new rendering software Arnold for C4D.
Blub-0 Blub-1 Blub-2 Blub-3



A ManvsMachine project. Working as part of the in-house team at ManvsMachine, Miquel was involved in RnD, design, animation of some shots and lighting/shading.
nike nike-2 nike-3 nike-4 nike-5 nike-6


Nickelodeon “Popcorn”

Nickelodeon Popcorn-1