Giulia Pex and Luca Broglia, are the creators of this project, called Oceanographies. Giulia and Luca transposed abyss creatures in the sky as big big kites, connecting them to people between thin wires. A sort of metaphor of bringing outside the “abyss” that’s inside of us.








Giulia Pex is a young photographer and illustrator based in Milan, Italy.
From real early age, she decided life would have been much more interesting in her own head, so she started drawing. She got lost through a world made of unicorns, fairies and monsters – actually never left it. After graduating at the Italian Institute of Photography, she’s now focusing on improving her personal style – and fighting dragons as well.
“I basically try to see the unseeable, I guess. The technique of mixing photography and illustration came natural to me: it works well to express what’s in my mind. In this way, i can easily gather real world and imagination world.” Check her portfolio here.

Luca Broglia was born in Desenzano del Garda (Italy) in 1988.
Blinded by the splendour of the world of cinema, he moved to Padua in 2008 to attend DAMS institute, where an embarrassing academic career started.
As time went by, living in an overpopulated studio flat, he fell in love with photography: thanks to the best that DDR technology could offer him, a PRAKTICA B200, he put the chaos and confusion of those years on film, which is still the “dimension” he prefers.
As a stoic commuter, in 2011 he attended the Italian Institute of Photography in Milan.
There, he had the chance to improve himself giving birth to images always influenced by music, cinema, painting and literature: from Cronenberg’s bodily mutations to Ballard’s inner space, from German expressionism to Kafka, Borges’ visions and even Chopin’s Nocturnes. Check his portfolio here.