Packaging Designer Benjamin Carr

Packaging Designer Benjamin Carr


Benjamin Carr is a Packaging Designer at heart, working also in illustration, print, typography and branding. Benjamin works mostly on packaging for wines and spirits as well as luxury goods and food packaging. His work is infused with a strong handcrafted feel and he prides himself on his attention to detail. Using his experience of illustration, Printmaking, branding and of course packaging Benjamin is looking to further expand his portfolio into many different aspects of design.

Here I have some of his works were he perfectly uses his amazing mostly vintage illustrations to design wonderful wine labels, beer bottles, cards, posters etc. You may also wish to see some more at Benjamin Carr’s portfolio @



Three transformation cards  for the “Stranger and Stranger ‘s” christmas gift for the 2012. The Ultimate Deck! The brief was simple – illustrate three cards based on the card you get.



This is the first of 12 prints for a short run set of prints boxed by the most ornate box you will ever set eyes on, all about making medicine a boutique brand.



Peacock inspired christmas wine!



A project to create custom Prosecco, Cyder, and Beer Bottles for a local hunting groups social events.

The idea behind this pair was to create a universal label design, reminiscent of the engravings found on old British shotguns, and differentiate different drinks by the bottle and hang tag.



Here is a selection of the many variations of wine labels Benjamin was commissioned to work on for Liquid Shot Co. a wine company. The brief was to create a set of ornate wine package designs with a custom vintage typeface.



A collection of 5 A1 lino and screen prints advertising imaginary events to cheer us all up from our recession gloom…A study of the wealth gap in Britain.



A Pair of Illustrations to accompany an article by Ev Williams, the founder of Twitter, in Hiut Denim’s very first yearbook.