Paint Calligraphy by Mohammad Ehsayi (Persian Calligrapher)

Paint Calligraphy by Mohammad Ehsayi (Persian Calligrapher)


Mohammad Ehsai, Persian Calligrapher, was born in Qazvin, Iran in 1939. Ehsai was classically trained in traditional calligraphy, such as Nastaliq and Muhaqqaq. He was one of the leading artists incorporating Persian script, into new artistic expressions shaped by symbolic art forms found in Shi’i religious works. As an intellectually curious artist, his desire to know more about the way in which art is expressed in different cultures led him to travel and study in several European and Asian countries, where he also exhibited widely.

Ehsai’s awards and honors are numerous in Iran and elsewhere; among his many awards are the Award for the Best Designer of the Year (1973), French National Award, International Painting Festival, First Prize (1974); Honorable Mention, ISESCO (2005), National Award for Art and Culture (2005), and the National Award (First Degree Medal) of Art and Culture, from the President of Iran (July 14, 2005).

Because his artistic vision moves seamlessly across the boundary of traditional calligraphy and new modes of creating design, he has been extremely influential on the younger generation of artists and graphic designers.  He has written articles on calligraphy, and Iranian and Islamic art, and lectured widely in Iran and elsewhere.

Ehsai has been prolific in all areas of art making, from teaching students to consulting on various art projects.  His art work ranges from calligraphic paintings to calligraphic murals on architectural structures such as the Iranian Embassy in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (1988-1991), and other important architectural spaces in Tehran (Natural Museum of Iran and University of Tehran Academy of Theology). (read more)