Painter Avni Öztopçu

Painter Avni Öztopçu


“Mine Art Gallery Nişantaşı Exhibition Hall” welcomes Avni Öztopçu’s brand new artworks including their retrospective extensions towards the year of 1985.

The exhibition focuses on the idea of “singular”. Here the audience will receive the opportunity to see the room of a singular person in a structured way of art. Moreover, visitors will be able to catch a perspective of 26 years of artistic evolution by observing the changes between phases. From 1985 to current dates, the artists venture heading to the level of a masterwork is a unique experience to follow. A great shared moment might be the fact that 1985 is at the same time an important year for the Mine Sanat Galerisi since those days were exactly the beginning of the contemporary art era of the Gallery. Thus, the artist and the gallery do show a grounded connection in their presence by.

Something is enclosed as an object in every mental incident; the tendency to this object is supplied by the capability of the man to materialize things. On a ground, dependent on object, the visibiliy and the audibility of the objects contribute the idea of ground. The discrepancy among the transportables that this set-up ground carries is an alien appearance, or as I have often mentioned, a contrast appearance of the transportables. The visibility of the transportables on ground, the classification and the declination of this visibility is the expression of an artist.

In my pictures, the contrast of colour, species and fullness becomes stronger when the contrast in respect-emerges. The cotrast in respect of horizantal and vertical contrasts. Even if there is an opposite of each direction, it is not made balanced in my pictures. It is often required to have one direction (respect) more obvious than the others. Horizantals and verticals do not exist only in respect, but they also have taken the leading parts.