Pencils – A personal project by André Hutchinson

Pencils – A personal project by André Hutchinson

André Hutchinson aka Theophilus Marks , is a 37-year-old creative from Jamaica. He has been in the field of Graphic design & Illustration for over 16 years. Attended the Edna Manley College in Kingston, Jamaica, where he discovered his knack for poetry and creative writing. He has always liked reading and researching from high school and had a keener interest in English Literature than Language. This would be his first public outing in the art of writing and an appreciation of his favourite marking tool.

André has been developing these stylized characters visually for years and feels its time they come out of his head and inspire everyone to look closer to the world of the arts and all its elements by way of its tools.

Daydream with me for a while…

You’ve just finished an exam with time to spare or you’re at your desk waiting patiently for 5 pm (go home time)… A huge project is upon you but you sit at the table wondering where to start…you have all the materials in front of you, books, papers and you sit with a pencil in hand and you just stare… blank…

Then you think…hmmm. What is it about these pencils?

They have always been around (you) from you were a small child..helping you, teaching you to write; your first word (insert the first word) favorite food (insert fav food), your name (insert name)?

They have been floating devices (in rainwater races in gutters), airplanes and missiles, chew toys when nervous, a dart for cork boards, they’ve been helping to plan the next big thing…

These wonderful companions have been with each and every one of our lives globally and with the history to match. They have been in the beginning, mapping out, edited & sketched many famous stories…
They’re techniques & skills have been copied and mimicked in the digital rendering of Art, substituted with pens when there’s more confidence in your impressions but you can’t deny when there’s something to be worked out… you grab your pencil first.

These are a couple of those stories, as we dive face down pointed into their world, and illustrate their existence and differences, appreciate their contributions and work ethic and how they mimic our emotions and feelings.

Scribbles of my mind and yours…

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