Photographs Like Paintings VS Paintings Like Photographs!


In the 1960’s and 1970’s emerged a movement that countered both minimalism and abstract expressionism, the Photorealism. In a photorealist painting, the artist paints from a photograph with a perfect detail that can be easily mistaken for photographs. On the other hand, technology grows and creates a contrary movement, the photography which looks like paintings. Photographs, that with no or minor Photoshop manipulation, give you the impression of a wonderful painting. I gathered here some photos from both sides. Enjoy them. Click on the images to view the artist and more alike!


Photographs Like Paintings


Paintings Like Photographs

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  • Alan Horsager

    I have a strong interest in creating photographs that look like paintings, as many of the photographers that I most admire (e.g., Saul Leiter, Jack Spencer) started out as painters.  One way I go about this is by shooting through various translucent materials such as wet or foggy windows.  As I only do street photography, I have to take what’s available.  You can see more of my work here:

  • Nolotjie

    The photographs like paintings are amazing. *love*PHOTOGRAPHS LIKE PAINTINGS