Pop Amok | A craziness of colors, shapes and references…

Pop Amok | A craziness of colors, shapes and references…


Imagine that your brain were some kind of well-ordered drawers, everything in its place: movies, comics, art, literature… everything that you have lived and experienced has a place within you, all this forms what you are today. Now imagine that you stumble and everything you thought you knew ends in a large drawer disaster, a craziness of colors, shapes and references to different cultures… Want to see the result? (more at http://heckertart.com)


Richard Heckert, born and raised in the beautiful Segeroth of Essen (Ruhr/Germany) is an artist with an endless love for details. He devotes his attention to all prototypes, which are not suitable for mass production and will be sorted out. They are the best people in a world of conformity. Do not look for truth in beauty, because beauty is no longer innocent … We turn briefly a TV commercial! Maximum fun at reasonable prices … and now it’s back! Our brain runs roller coaster and we kill our final dreams. The 21th Century is a century without secrets, yet with no future … similar to a boxing fight between a ferocious beast, and God in us. It will never end … round 12!

“We will become part of the moment and live for the moment. It is the culture of video games, of advertising and religion of maximum overdrive! Our life is played out in fast motion and highest pixel resolution on TV. The great fear of the standstill. The music of Contemporary sounds like the heartbeat of a patient with infarction, shortly before the collapse. We live so much at the moment, that we no longer need a future. We no longer remember and we want nothing more to do. It is the colorful swan song of humankind and Pop Amok documented the funniest scenes in us and around us. The painter Otto Dix said that art is the eye of the world and that is the Pop Amok. Thats art for the 21th century!” – Richard Heckert