Popular Mechanics 110th Edition | Typography

Popular Mechanics 110th Edition | Typography


Popular Mechanics asked Jordan Metcalf to do a type based design for the cover of their 110th Anniversary Edition. After an initial round of ideas they settled on a style that was a modern spin on the decorative printing styles from the era the magazine was conceived in. This is the final design Jordan sent them, but the final colours were tweaked by the client before going to print to maxamise shelf impact.

Jordan Metcalf, is a graphic designer and artist based in Cape Town, South Africa. He works both independently as a freelancer as well as collaboratively with 3 other designer/illustrators under the name “Only Today”. He has a love for typography, black & white, things made out of wood and folk music.

Below are some initial sketches, generally start on paper, and are then pulled into photoshop to be refined and layouts tweaked.