Poster Design for Rainwater Harvesting

Poster Design for Rainwater Harvesting


The Raindrops Geneva Award is an art competition organised by the IRHA to promote Rainwater Harvesting and to increase public awareness on the importance of this topic. For the fourth edition of this competition we looked for posters that illustrate the uses and/or benefits of rainwater harvesting.
The selection process was conducted as follows:

IRHA congratulates the following three winners:

1st Prize (1’000 CHF): Kateryna Korniienko-Heidtman for “Rainwater Use for Life”
2nd Prize (600 CHF): Eva Kay Norrington for “Smallest of Gestures”
3rd Prize (400 CHF): Jason Holmes for “0.3%”.


1st Prize: Kateryna Korniienko-Heidtman

1st Prize-Kateryna Korniienko


2nd Prize: Eva Kay Norrington

2rd Prize-Eva Kay Norrington


3rd Jason Holmes

3rd Prize-Jason Holmes

All posters were saved anonymously* into one file. Out of all posters, 125 posters were preselected, using the above mentioned criteria. Any posters not matching the requirements stated in the Rules of the Competition were automatically excluded. The Jury discussed the remaining 125 posters: the jury reviewed the posters left in the competition and were able to reduce this figure by selecting those that stood out round after round. After long hours of debate, the overall number of 750 posters was reduced to just 15. It was decided that all 15 posters would be printed and presented at the Raindrops Geneva Awards 2013 Exhibition that will be held for a week on 21st March 2014 in the World Famous Courtyard of the Geneva Town Hall, with the support of the Republique et Canton de Genève.
Selection of the three winning posters: A handful of posters clearly stood out and were voted on by the members of the jury. Each member of
the jury was allowed three votes. The winning posters were those that received the majority of votes.

The authors of the 13 posters shortlisted for the exhibition also deserve a huge congratulation:

Nelu Wolfensohn for “Rain Drops, Life Drops”

Francesca Reinero for “Rainwater is a free asset, use it”
Francesca Reinero

Anna Zima for “Life in every Drop”
Anna Zima

Pash Bolshakov for “The Perspective”
Pash Bolshakov

Seyyed Mehdi Mousavi for “Efficiency”
Seyyed Mehdi Mousavi

David Walton for “Raindrops”
David Walton

Charlie O’Connell for “Rainwater Harvesting can turn your Life Around”

Mikolaj Dobrucki for “Lower Price – Better Quality”
Mikolaj Dobrucki

Svetlana Tarasova for “Save Rainwater for your Washer”
Svetlana Tarasova

Tanya Krendel for “Raindrops create the Life Around Us”
Tanya Krendel

Zuzanna Chanska for “Water your Life with Rain”
Zuzanna Chanska

Marc Baker for “Baker_01”
Marc Baker

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