Poster “The fall of the Berlin Wall”

The Fall of the Berlin Wall, one of the most important historical events of the last century, illustrated and narrated using the unique cartoon figures named “The Conical People” by Greek graphic designer and illustrator Michael Antonopoulos. Portions of this work will illustrate the issue in his book: The History of German Comics School. The illustration shows the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989, where thousands of East Germans crossed on foot or their cars (one of them the … «legendary» Trabant, see. top-right of the illustration) the restricted area of ​​the Wall and the Bornholmer Street, coming out in the French sector of West Berlin. The illustration was designed in Adobe Illustrator with amazing detail in the artwork but also in the historic moments of the time being. Amongst others you can even see the broken glass that were … Continue reading Poster “The fall of the Berlin Wall”