Posters Celebrating the Mysterious and Threatened Gray Wolf | Join The Pack campaign

Posters Celebrating the Mysterious and Threatened Gray Wolf | Join The Pack campaign

Wolves get a bad rap. Though they are a critical linchpin that help maintain healthy ecosystems, in popular culture, they/’re often portrayed as scheming predators and menaces which, in turn, makes their protection as an endangered species a harder sell. Some lawmakers now are trying to take away Federal protections from wolves, and Creative Action Network started a campaign trying to stop that from happening.

Creative Action Network have teamed up with Earthjustice, the nation’s premier nonprofit environmental law organization, to invite artists and designers to build a collection of designs for posters and apparel celebrating the wolf.

A portion of proceeds from the sale of t-shirts and posters goes to support Earthjustice in their pitched battle to save the wolves, as well as to support the artists involved.

Show the world how much you love wolves by buying your favorites, or contributing your own design today!


Check out some of the latest design contributions.


Join the Pack by Michael Czerniawski


Wolf Poster by Mark Forton


Wolves by Lyla Paakkanen


Keep the Night by Brianna Reagan


Born To Be Wild by Naomi Sloman


Happily Ever After by Victoria Fernandez


How Lonely Is the Night by Roberlan Borges


Save the Wolves by Emily Kelley