Reggae Poster Contest! Open for 8 more days! View here the Amazing Posters from our Jury Members

Reggae Poster Contest! Open for 8 more days! View here the Amazing Posters from our Jury Members


We extended the submission entry to April 9th!

We are proud to announce that our First International Reggae Poster Contest 2012 has already received over 700 posters to date and many more will come by closing day. For a first time International contest this is a very successful in term of submissions and international support, in just a short time with very little sponsorship we have built a global movement and a recognized name. The posters are coming from every corner of the globe, from South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Latvia, Argentina, China, India, South Korea, Ghana, Malta, Russia, Philippines, Singapore, Iran, Ethiopia, Greece, US, UK, Lithuania, Jamaica, Cuba, Portugal. Australia, Japan, Russia and many other countries. A powerful message of love and support for Reggae music, Jamaica and Alpha Boys’ School. For this amazing impact and because many designers asked for more time to submit their posters we decided to extend the participation entry to 9th April.


Poster Contributions from Our Jury Panel

The following posters are some of the contributions to the First International Reggae Poster Contest 2012, from the Jury members and friends. We will use these to raise funds for Alpha Boys’ School after the contest. 100% of the funds raised from the auction will be offered to help support the Alpha Boys’ School (founded in 1880’s) in Kingston, Jamaica.
Without Alpha Boys school all this music we are celebrating might not have materialize, Reggae music may not have existed. The Catholic run school for troubled boys need whatever help they can get. They are always short of resources and funds to continue this amazing program, the nuns and music teachers who operate the school would be quite grateful for our support. The school has produced some of the great Jamaican musicians who have left their mark on the music and the world.

Silk Screen Series by the founder of the contest Michael Thompson


“What one dance can do” | Maria Papaefstathiou

“I am still in love with you” | Maria Papaefstathiou

“Toward a Reggae Hall of Fame” | Maria Papaefstathiou

“EEK – A – MOUSE” | Dane Thompson

“SKA” | Andrew Lewis Design

“1ove Reggae” | Roy Villalobos

“Reggae” | Juan Carlos Darias

“Reggae Ambigrams” | John Moore

“Alpha Boys’ School – One Love” | Frank Arbelo

“Alpha Boys’ School – One Heart” | Frank Arbelo

“Alpha Boys’ School” | Elmer Sosa

“Reggae Orgy” | Sergio Olivotti

“Music Freedom” | Kathiana Cardona OpArt

“Alpha Boys’ School” | Kathiana Cardona OpArt

“Reggae” | Fabian Carreras

“Celebrating Jamaican Music” | Audrey Headley

“One Love” | Audrey Headley

Photography Contribution | Lizzy Brown.
Art Direction | Maria Papaefstathiou

Scratch the Organizer | Jos Vergauwe

Tribute to Jolly Boys | Jos Vergauwe


Stay tuned! More Contributions are ready to be submitted soon!

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