Spectacular Street Photography by Anthony Kurtz

Spectacular Street Photography by Anthony Kurtz


Anthony Kurtz is an award-winning, Euro-American, commercial, editorial and art photographer based in San Francisco. He specializes in environmental portraiture and strives to create beautiful and unexpected photographs of people and the spaces they occupy.
Combining both natural light and studio strobes, he sculpt light to create a mood, an atmosphere, a photograph that tells a story, sparks curiosity in the viewer.

His strong work “Africa Street Photography” (part 1) he photographed in Dakar and Dindefelo, Senegal, is a cinematic art documentary playing with flash and natural light. After this experience he states, “it is sometimes hard to convince people that your are taking these pictures because of your love for people and places with, what I define as, true character.” This is a truly artistic photography with dramatic aspects of life and surroundings. A drama that comes stronger through the brown shades he uses and the strong colors coming out vibrant, speaking strong to the viewer. Amazing photos… Looking forward to see the part 2.


Artist Statement

My work often focuses on marginalization and alienation. I document people and places that exist on the edges of society, sometimes physically, mentally or both: excluded by choice or by circumstances. Concurrently, I am interested in control and conformity and I strive to represent both of these opposing forces within a photograph. I feel a need to document my generation and question our deeply rooted ideas of democracy, security and progress.

The element of time also plays an important role in my work. I often refer to future societal collapses and a world where humans are no longer in control.
The images I capture with a camera are merely foundations upon which I build by manipulating light, shadow and color.
I attempt to create a mood and atmosphere, a sort of hyper-reality that contains both a sense of mystery and sadness, hope and beauty.