Shades, Lines, Geometry, Black and White, Photography…

Shades, Lines, Geometry, Black and White, Photography…

Rupert Vandervell, born and based in London, is a photographer with clean lines and geometrical percpective. Through his lens he explores humanity, people and how we we interact with our environment. Below are some of Ruperts collections. You can view more at his website:



Man On Earth

“Captured against the ever-changing backdrop of the modern city, these photographs highlight the presence of life and the unique visual characteristics of the human form against the urban background.”

Rupert Vandervell, Fragile


Rupert Vandervell - In the Line of Light
In the Line of Light


Rupert Vandervell - Lightness of Being
Lightness of Being


Rupert Vandervell, Long way home
Long way home


Rupert Vandervell, Man on earth
Man on earth


Rupert Vandervell, Man on earth
Man on earth



“Black and white moments in the city.”

Rupert Vandervell, Hover


Rupert Vandervell, Killing time
Killing time


Rupert Vandervell, Mother and child
Mother and child


2-Rupert Vandervell - Mutual Core
Mutual Core


Rupert Vandervell, The Conversation
The Conversation


Late Night Tales

“A series of pictures inspired by film noir. They are my homage to the many filmmakers, photographers, artists and creatives working in the genre that have influenced my work. Each scene takes its cue from the classic film noir moment or its modern day equivalent.”

Rupert Vandervell, Late Night Tales
Late Night Tales


Rupert Vandervell, City of dreams
City of dreams


Rupert Vandervell, In a lonely place
In a lonely place


Rupert Vandervell, Killer


Rupert Vandervell, The dark corner
The dark corner


Rupert Vandervell, The gathering storm
The gathering storm


Rupert Vandervell, The naked street
The naked street


Rupert Vandervell, The street of chance
The street of chance



“Urbanites is a continuing exploration of the city, its urban spaces and our relationship with it.”

Rupert Vandervell, A foreign place
A foreign place


Rupert Vandervell, Changing trains
Changing trains


Rupert Vandervell, Night light
Night light


Rupert Vandervell, Temple


Rupert Vandervell, Under construction
Under construction