Shut Up Speak Up! Graphic Matters Poster Competitions

Shut Up Speak Up! Graphic Matters Poster Competitions

This is your chance to take part in Graphic Matters!
Show us what you stand for. Design a poster and submit it before July 9, 2017.
A professional jury will choose the fifty most creative, innovative, original and authentic posters.
These posters will be shown during Graphic Matters from September 22nd to October 22nd, 2017.
Five winners will receive a VIP experience including overnight stay and travel budget. Of course you’re all welcome to visit the exhibit!

Shut Up Speak Up!

Fake news, alternative facts, whistleblowers and polarizing politicians. The contemporary social and political unrest is not about left or right, or right and wrong. Can you still trust the media when issues are complex and international?

Online and on the streets new creative forms of protest arise. As a graphic designer, you play an important role in visualizing outspoken opinions.

Graphic Matters shows critical imagination by activists, pranksters and good guys who honor freedom of expression and challenge their audience to shape their personal opinion. From what attitude you challenge your audience?

Are you an activist warning us for the evil in this world? Do you directly attack a company, party or person?
Are you a prankster opening eyes with visual jokes? Do you create confusion with satire about current situations?
Or are you a good guy? Do you stimulate the good in people from an ever-positive attitude?

Do not hesitate, show us what you stand for!

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