Spectacular Photo Moments and Observations by Christopher Smith

Spectacular Photo Moments and Observations by Christopher Smith

“As a self taught photo taker, photography has given I somewhat another set of eyes to view the world at a slower pace, and in much more detail. When I have a camera in hand, every moment is worth paying attention to, and when it comes to people, body language and eyes say so much more than words.” ~ Christopher Smith

I met Christopher Smith through his music and found, behind his inspiring lyrics and wonderful music, an amazing photographer!


Christopher Smith was born in St. Thomas US Virgin Islands with writing and animations being his first passions. Christopher did not pick up the camera until he started touring with Thievery Corporation a lead vocalist in 2010. Music took Christopher all through Europe, South America, North America the Caribbean and more. There were too many experiences worth documenting for himself, friends and family. Christopher got bit by the shutter bug immediately and started photographing everything that caught his attention.
When Christopher educated myself enough he felt to teach youth that were interested in photography through youth media non-profits in the DMV area. He was reminded of a certain level of imagination through working with younger age groups that inspired him to want to rebuild his own. In 2014 Christopher Smith took his first major solo trip through India. The camera brought him closer to people and partially assisted in being able to eradicate certain general human prejudices. The camera allowed him to freeze time and many of the moments that changed his perspective on subjects that made him bitter, judgmental and hopeless in a sense. “It allowed me to share realities from one section of the planet that many around me and myself were oblivious of.”

Currently Christopher Smith continue to focus on street and documentary styles and desire to one day enter into photojournalism. Being a lyricist is one way to tell a story, but Christopher has truly been convinced that a photo absolutely says a thousand words. Check out his website @ http://www.eyeneyevisions.crevado.com/


Photography helps to stabilize my consciousness in the present moment, the developing moment, and to be closer to the natural. I focus mainly on humans because I view humans as the natural personified. Somewhere in history we became focused on creating divides and activities that result in personalities that decrease progressive human communication, constructive imagination, and unity. The camera though has provided me with a way to strengthen imagination, and to get closer to the natural up the street and around the world. Through photography I get to share these moments and observations that can possibly form further connections and dialogue.