Stickers Made With Love from Sticker.Place

Stickers Made With Love from Sticker.Place

We saw few months ago the new project by Sticker.Place where artists, designers, illustrators and animators from all over the world participate with one sticker each for each project. With the Valentine’s day ahead they started the new project Made With (love). An adorable way to share love with the help of stickers in the world full of ignorance, racism, homophobia and cruelty.

So Sticker.Place invited the most talented artists to take part: Alexandra Zutto, Bakea, Xoana, Herrera, Panfilia Iannarone, Aldo Crusher, Aleksandr Pushai, Cesc Grané, Yoyo The Ricecorpse, Elena Lazutina, Dmitry Stolz, Pedro Picinnini and other. List of more than 50 participants is available on

Nevertheless, anybody can submit its own sticker and it can be added to a sticker pack after the team review.

What is Sticker.Place?
Sticker.Place is a project that helps artists to create their sticker packs.
In collaboration with the world’s best artist Sticker.Place team creates the highest quality sticker packs, awarded as Best of 2016 and featured by Apple.

Sticker pack can be downloaded for free on the App Store,
App Store for iMessage, Google Play and Telegram.
Collaboration is launched by Sticker.Place

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