Storytelling Exploration through Language and Typography

Storytelling Exploration through Language and Typography


Six Word Story Every Day (SWSED) was created by the designer Anne Ulku, and the writer Van Horgen, in 2010, when they created a daily storytelling exploration through language and typography. It was inspired by the work Ernest Hemingway regarded as his greatest: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

All 365 stories have been archived here: and on Flickr

The creative community keeps SWSED alive by giving to other designers the opportunity to create their own stories.View and enjoy some excellent works here.

Children don’t even celebrate birthdays anymore.
Writer/Designer: Damien W. Green


The days I had with you.
Writer: inspired by Kings of Convenience
Designer: Dave Foster


One for all. All for one.
Writer/Designer: Erik Brandt


One of you shall unfriend me.
Writer/Designer: Erik Brandt & Elisabeth Workman


Got too drunk, awoke with pig.
Writer: Jonathan Saxby
Designer: Alister Buss


The paper killed my pet rock.
Writer/Designer: David Schwen


Eating the last sandwich on earth.
Writer: Betsy Collins
Designer: Sergio Monterrubio


Kerning can make all the difference.
Writer/Designer: Stephen Floyd


Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.
Writer: inspired by Brett Gurewitz
Designer: Simon Ålander


More impossible than staying? Leaving. Sigh.
Writer: Kate O’Reilly
Designer: Jeffrey Martin


So this wasn’t a theme party?
Writer: Mike Derus
Designer: Anne Ulku


Find safety in vogue. Just copy.
Writer/Designer: Terry Dee


Gods are restricted in this economy.
Writer: Paul Lovasco
Designer: Liz Noftle

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