Stunning Collages Beyond Logic | Inspirational Portfolio [27]

Stunning Collages Beyond Logic | Inspirational Portfolio [27]


George Papadopoulos, is an ambitious talented graphic designer based in Greece, Thessaloniki. George among other things, loves to collect things from his life and make them beautiful collages, sharing in this way his emotions and moments of life. His artworks, surrealistic in mostly vintage style, a combination that makes them even more emotional.

I asked George to speak about himself and he spoke about his love…

“Since I was a little child, I enjoyed collecting images, colors, smells …
I loved nature, laughter, joy, music and love.
Growing up in the bustling city, I learned to listen to see and feel people, happenings, emotions.
I learned to love art, to work with art, to become sensitive, to observe …
The collages are nothing more than what I have in my mind and my heart … thoughts … colors … images … art … feelings … all together …. as depicted in a moment…
Isn’t this what every day life teaches us? A powerful collage of things …
Short, loud, extreme, secret alterations
The collages are given surreal, fantastic, dreamlike, without the pressure of thinking … without rules. Often beyond logic.”

You can find Geroge Papadopoulos working with his ambitious team in his agency “Lacrimosa“.  Enjoy his awesome collages and be free to share with us your thoughts.



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