Symbols, Shapes and Icons by Viktor Hertz

Symbols, Shapes and Icons by Viktor Hertz

You might remember that Viktor’s Hertz work has impressed graphicart-news many times in the past, with his siplicity and bold statements. I think it’s time to enjoy some of his fresh works, don’t you?

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Viktor Hertz is a graphic designer from Sweden, born in Uppsala, Sweden, in 1983 and has been a freelance graphic designer since 2011. He is now living in Stockholm, working with clients both locally and from abroad; some of them include Ray-Ban, Greenpeace, Christie’s and IKEA. Except client work, he is also working on lots of personal projects, often inspired by pop art culture in general, and his posters are being sold all over the world.

“I try to push myself and broaden my technical skills, learning as many different styles and techniques as possible. Many of my personal artworks build on previous, already existing symbols or shapes, though, and then remixed or combined with something else, giving it a different message. I mostly use Adobe Illustrator, and lots of free vector material from resources like I really like just browsing through all kinds of images and just see what I can come up with, it’s very exciting and relaxing at the same time.”

Check out more of Viktor’s Hertz works at:

ANDY-WARHOL Coffee-and-cigarettes DAFT-PUNK-ICONS DEATH-VADER MICROWAVES NY-POSTER-11 Set-fire-to-the-rain THE-BEATLES Time-for-Wine Up-in-the-air