Artists from advertisement

The Honda Accord Campaign

  The Honda Accord needed a campaign that was visually arresting yet was featuring a car that had a five-year-old body style. Creative and Art Director Curt Johnson and his team made sketches of the “thinker,” “sprinter,” and “tree” using parts that they thought might form the shapes that they...
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‘We just do it better’. Impressive Advertising Ideas by Foolbite

  Foolbite from Monza, after the amazing work we published on “Marinella”, surprises once more creating a new advertising series for Texxi. Inspired by nature, and by combining the pun, “we do it better”, Foolbite created a series of amazing advertisements. The final images, aesthetically impressive, elegant photography, zooming in...
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Brilliant Minimalistic Ads

  Minimal comes from the Latin adjective minimus, “least, smallest”. People therefore use minimalism to express their art to social design posters, video game or movie posters , packaging, photography, illustration, or advertisement as those we found here. I believe you will agree that they are minimal but amazingly brilliant!!!...
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Everything in Every Thing

Fil Dunsky is a creative artist from Russia. Describing his style of illustrations, Fil says: “It is like marmalade: sweet, childish, positive, cheerful… It is like a 5-years old child sitting on the ground and playing with colors and forms”. His portfolio includes works for many local and world-known trademarks,...
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