Artists from Australia

Nigel Buchanan, an Amazing Illustrator | Inspirational Portfolio [51]

  Nigel Buchanan lives in Sydney and works in a big old warehouse with a bunch of other illustrators. Clients include The Wall Street Journal, MTV, The New York Times, TIME magazine, Money Week Paris and The Radio Times in London. Nigel has occasionally lectured to illustration and design students at...
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Bone – Anatomy Illustrated

  Anatomy Illustrated is a book designed by Australian designer Josip Kelava, to showcase the master illustrators of the 16-19th centuries. In particular, it focuses on the illustrator William Cheseldon who was an English surgeon and teacher of anatomy, and who was influential in establishing surgery as a scientific medical...
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Rich Vividly Colored Paintings by Gavin Brown

  If Paul Gauguin hadn’t died four years before Frida Kahlo was born, one might suspect that Gavin Brown is their lovechild. Certainly his art carries the organic lushness and slight madness of Kahlo’s many self-portraits and Gauguin’s Polynesian-period art. You cannot blame the Melbourne-born, 47-year-old Brown for subtlety or...
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