Artists from Germany

FLORELL / SCHOLZ a Conceptual Graphic Design Studio

  Today we introduce you Wanja and Simone and their studio FLORELL / SCHOLZ based in Germany. Wanja‘s core competencies are conceptualizing and designing corporate designs as well as website-programming, the shooting of material for these projects and search engine optimization. Wanja passed his study of art at the Hochschule...
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Fantastic Classic Movie Posters

  Do you like classic movie posters? Minimal, meaningful, bold posters with a vintage look? Illustrator Rocco Malatesta has redesigned some of the modern movie posters, giving them a close to minimalism art using typically massive, clean, fearful, icons.  His designs combine two aspects of the film into one iconic object...
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Fashion But Not Fashion Photography

  Mika Ceron was born in Berlin, but his work has been recognized internationally. Some of his clients are Quicksilver, Bucherer, Nike, Sony Walkman, Siemens, Blacky Dress, Jean Paul, Anna von Griesheim, Egena Goldpfeil, DKV, CMA, EMI, Eastpak, villa gaia, Kodak, Red Bull, Pro 7, Premiere, Interstuhl, Goldfischli, Bertelsmann, Puls...
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Very creative pencilhead craftwork

I POLITICS DIRECTLY FROM THE SOURCE CICERO magazine Pencilhead campaign was made in cooperation with the German artist Ragna ReuschKlinkenberg who carved the face of world’s most important politicians on the pencils. The campaign is very impressive, clever and creative!. It focuses on portraits of political leaders. President’s Barack Obama...
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Typography as an object

  “Typography” is the theme as an object of Chris Andrews’s theoretical and practical undergraduate work. This book is a summary of practical work, the central theme of the design of writings, from the object, with all its properties, to a font. The book “Typography as an object” includes three...
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Amazing Illustration on a guitar

by Andreas Preisa Nuremberg, Germany based designer.Andreas had the opportunity to paint a friend’s guitar, just for fun. With the freedom to do whatever he wanted he came up with an amazing result. More from Steffen’s guitar here: Source:Steffen’s Guitar on the Behance Network...
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