Artists from Italy

Doretypo Font

  Doretypo was born accidentally, during the design of a poster for a jazz festival in Rome. Rosario Nocera, the font designer, was going to realize a typesetting, but he could not find the right character and decided to draw the letters he needed, starting from the first letter of...
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‘We just do it better’. Impressive Advertising Ideas by Foolbite

  Foolbite from Monza, after the amazing work we published on “Marinella”, surprises once more creating a new advertising series for Texxi. Inspired by nature, and by combining the pun, “we do it better”, Foolbite created a series of amazing advertisements. The final images, aesthetically impressive, elegant photography, zooming in...
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A Differently Creative kind of Typography Design

  Happycentro a creative studio based in Verona, Italy, in a collaboration with IL – Intelligence In Lifestile Magazine, and under the creative direction of Mr. Francesco Franchi, develops the title typography for the brand new column “Remo Contro” written by the Italian philosopher Remo Bodei. Happycentro began in 1998 in Verona,...
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