Artists from Romania

Paul Dersidan | Inspirational Portfolio [58]

  Paul Dersidan is a graphic designer/art director living in Bucharest, Romania. After several years of working in multinational advertising agencies, he co-founded Blau, an advertising and graphic design studio. His work, that combines analogue and digital designing techniques, range from fonts, playing cards, stamps, comics, music and art book...
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The Amazing Work of Matei Apostolescu

  Matei Apostolescu (aka Beaucoupzero), is a freelance illustrator, based in Romania. He uses all kinds of tools ranging from rotring pencils, markers, spray paint to Wacom tablet, Photoshop and Illustrator. Matei tries to keep his work as freestyle and fun as possible. View more amazing works at his website...
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The Greatest Brandversations

  Stefan Asafti, a real talented graphic designer from Romania, has switched the slogans of the great brands of the modern world amongst themselves. The goal of this being to give them further meaning and to create a sort of a confusion. It is surprising how logos can influence other...
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Mix vibrant colors, serif typography and primitive shapes and amazing posters will come up!

“Romanian-based designer, Ștefan Lucuț’s work is a mix of type, photography, and vector elements, infused with a modern, contemporary feel. He mixes vibrant colors, serifed typography and primitive shapes to create imagery that is both bold and strong. Despite the minimalist nature of his site, it does not take long...
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