Artists from street art

Amazingly realistic street art by El Mac

  El Mac focus primarily on creating more public art in different parts of the world, painting photorealistic canvases, and evolving his brushwork style. His intent is to uplift and inspire through careful, perfectionist renderings of both the sublime and the humble. Most especially he enjoys the simple challenges and...
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The most creative Street Art Painting !

  Artists have challenged art by situating it in non-art contexts. ‘Street’ artists do not aspire to change the definition of an artwork, but rather to question the existing environment with its own language. They attempt to have their work communicate with everyday people about socially relevant themes in ways...
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Amazing Arabic Graffiti Collection in a book!

  Arabic Graffiti In the light of the Arab revolutions that currently bring sweeping changes to the Middle East, this book keeps an eye on the fascinating developments of graffiti and street art in this region. Whether on the freight trucks of Lebanon, along village alleyways in Bahrain, on the...
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