Ten letterpress posters on tolerance, gender equality and peace

Ten letterpress posters on tolerance, gender equality and peace

Designer Gabriel Benderski travelled this year to Buenos Aires to meet Rodrigo Cuberas, an Argentinian letterpress artist and as a result to create 10 letterpress posters by using wood type on handmade cotton paper. The subjects were on social issues such as tolerance, gender equality and peace.


Gabriel Benderski has a BA in graphic design from ORT University. He has worked with influential organizations in the realization of several projects, among them: poster and catalogue for the exhibition of Ar. Juan Pedro Margenat for the Uruguayan Ministry of Transport; visual identity for the exhibition of women with fiber for the Municipality of Montevideo; book design for the Uruguayan Cultural Centre of Music; editorial design for UNICEF; brand, interior and way-finding design for the FIFA Stadium ‘Campeón del Siglo’ of ‘Club Atlético Peñarol’.


ORT University, Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay, 2017.
Casa Artigas, Sauce, Canelones, Uruguay, August 2017.
Centro Socio Cultural, Young, Río Negro, Uruguay, September 2017.
City Hall of San José, San José, San José, Uruguay, November 2017.
INJU, Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay, December 2017.
Ateneo, Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay, February 2018.
Consulate of Uruguay in NY, Manhattan, New York, USA, April 2018.

Link: benderski.design



Size: 50cm x 70cm | 20” x 27”.
Technique: wood type and ink on handmade cotton paper.
Author: Gabriel Benderski.
Press: Rodrigo Cuberas.
Paper: Vicky Sigwald.
Year: 2018.