The 10 amazing  ABSOLUT VIS10NS

The 10 amazing ABSOLUT VIS10NS


10 of the most creative visionaries from the world of fashion, photography, street art and illustration were enrolled by The Small Print agency (based on Dublin) to customize the eight-foot tall Absolute bottles for an exhibition in occasion of ABSOLUT Fringe 2011. The project, entitled ABSOLUT VIS10NS. 

Following the steps of Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Damien Hirst, and most recently Ellen Von Unwerth and Spike Jonze the artists created amazing bottles that will be exhibited from September 8-12 at The Laundry Room, South Studios in Dublin..

The artists who participated are:
stylist Celestine Cooney (IRL), artists DALEK (US), Niels Shoe Meulman (NL) and Mario Sughi (ITA), Creative Collective Rinzen (OZ), photographer Linda Brownlee (IRL), street artists The London Police (UK), illustrators Ben Newman (UK) and BrenB (IRL)..

Picture by nerosunero
Picture by nerosunero
Picture by nerosunero

Illustrator Ben Newman continues a recent theme of his: animal masks
Dublin-based BRENB‘s vibrant bottle design
London stylist Celestine Cooney‘s bottle
Artist Dalek‘s bottle
by photographer Linda Brownlee
Dublin-based illustrator Mario Sughi‘s bottle
Calligraphic lettering artist Niels Shoe Meulman‘s bottle
This is by Australian-born, Berlin-based illustrator Rilla Alexander, a member of the Rinzen collective
By Amsterdam art collective The London Police
And this is by Steve Alexander, also of Rinzen

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