The BicMan and His Pop Culture Characters

The BicMan and His Pop Culture Characters

Sedki Alimam,  a graphic designer based in Uppsala, Sweden, share his own creative ideas through simple, yet strong designs. We can clearly see his passion on character and poster design in his works. I loved the BicMan and how Sedki “dressed” him in various pop culture characters. Check out below the ‘BicMan’ and ‘Him’, two of my favorite projects but do not miss to check also the IKEA man at his portoflio:

View other works of Sedki at:

The BicMan

BicMan is a character design template that was inspired from Bic’s company logo, a logo that has appeared around me since I was a child on pens, razors, lighters, etc. In this project I’ve represented some of my favorite pop culture characters through the limits of Bic’s logo, preserving its feel and spirit.

bowie chaplin dictator maleficent ninja rambo walter


Him is a collection of self-portraits that reflect myself as my favorite super-heroes and villains.