The Gun Show Poster Project

The Gun Show Poster Project


Artists across the country are stepping up to join the conversation about gun safety. The Gun Show is a crowdsourced collection of posters for sale to promote gun safety. Artists from around the country have submitted these posters to join the national conversation about guns, and support efforts to affect change. The project is open for submissions, and anyone can submit their own poster at

“The N.R.A and its allies have built up an entire cultural infrastrcuture around their agenda. In the face of tragedy after tragedy, they mobilize their base with newsletters, conferences, social media efforts, and even posters. Our side needs to do a lot more of the same,” said Max Slavkin, co-founder of The Creative Action Network, which is organizing the project.

The Creative Action Network has been mobilizing the creative community to put their talents to work, making and sharing work about issues they care about.  “Artists have a unique capacity for passionately telling important stories,” said co-founder Aaron Perry-Zucker.  “We started this project to tap into that energy and engage artists on policy debates.”

All posters are available for free download at Prints are for sale for $30 and $12 of every poster sale goes directly to the artist who made it.

Other projects from The Creative Action Network include: Design For Obama1200 Posters and support for Occupy Design and Green Patriot Posters.


by John Vincent

by Brandon Kish

by Ann-Christine Pineiro

by Felix Sockwell

by Mario Fuentes

by Christopher Scott

by Jimmy Descant

by Michael Thompson