The Humble Pixel Poster Series

The Humble Pixel Poster Series

London design studio Made By Smyth’s founder and creative director Chris Smyth has released his latest project, a 5 part series of A2 limited edition minimalist screen-prints, aiming to celebrate the Humble Pixel, funded through KickStarter.

The start of any project always begins with one thing. The Humble Pixel. A quiet, shy little guy who doesn’t ever get much appreciation, yet is the backbone of everything us designer types create. This project is a celebration of this tiny little bundle of creativity.

Designer Chris Smyth explains his thoughts behind creating the poster series. “In a day and age where almost everything is digital, fighting for the birth place of the pixel, print, is a battle which is getting harder and harder. The truth is nothing will ever beat the feel, smell and beauty of fresh inks on a page. So we have created our own little beautifully simple series of A2 posters to celebrate the journey we all go on as a project begins and develops.”

There are five posters in the series, each with a short run of 50. Four in bright white on a beautiful Fedrigoni 170gsm Black Sirio and the final is a stunning glossy metallic gold.

Each print will be hand numbered and signed by the designer Chris Smyth.
Posters will be sold through various sources for £30 each with free postage. Poster sets (all five prints) will be available for £100.

Why the circle? Pixels are little squares I hear you say! Well, dots are circles, right? Welcome to our new new little take on ‘Dots Per Inch’… ‘Dots Per Poster!’

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