The Price of Everything!

The Price of Everything!

Book Trailer / Motion Graphics, Consumer


With countless new arrivals and launches, few categories are as cluttered as book publishing. How do you launch a new book in a way that will stand out despite a limited budget? With a video trailer. 
In his book, The Price of Everything: Solving the Mystery of Why We Pay What We Do, Eduardo Porter presents compelling observations about how people fail to appreciate just how critical prices are in shaping our lives. Their power becomes clear only when distorted prices steer decisions the wrong way. Sponge Chicago used the bar code, the key image on the book jacket and an iconic symbol of pricing, to illustrate the book’s poignant perspective. This shareworthy video incorporates arresting images and relevant subject matter to pique emotional interest and entice people to read the book.

Paul Brourman, art director/designer/creative director

Source: Communication Arts