The World Through My Eyes by Blind Artist George Redhawk

The World Through My Eyes by Blind Artist George Redhawk

Recently a good friend shared with me this amazing portfolio! Would you ever imagine that these awesome pictures would be the work of a blind artist? Well, it does! The creator is George Redhawk a very nice person who turned his loss to a wonderful gift!
Redwahk, when I asked him how can he work on these, said:

To create most of my .gifs, I am using a photo morphing software which I have been experimenting with, and perfecting over several years. Morphing software is designed to morph one photo to another photo, but a long time ago, I discovered that if I morph a photo to the exact same photo, I could get some pretty amazing movement out of it.
Following the loss of most of my vision, I began to explore this medium as a means to express the world through my damaged sight. My art is designed with the idea to challenge and in some cases, disturb the visual sense of ‘order’, very much in the same way that my vision has become a constant challenge to me. It is also for this reason I refer to my work as, The World Through My Eyes.

Check out Redhawk’s portfolio at google +

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