This Typography is awesome, amusing, and inspiring!

This Typography is awesome, amusing, and inspiring!


These are some of Chang Kim’s recent designs that are based on his personal exercise. We really enjoyed them. My favourite is the first one were he plays with his name and his.. expressions. Click on links to view more of these series.


Self-portrait series


Typogram totem pole: variation of the name “CHANG” in chinese characters and in korean characters(hangle)


Mr. “R” series: The last day of life


Chang Kim “make you turn green


Daily typographic pun, theme: Man & Woman

 CHANG’s four seasons



Daily typographic pun, theme: Animal

Birthday dinner on 3.11


Chang Sik Kim has expertise in metamorphic image making with experimental typography and book design as well as visual identity design.

His recent works and research have emphasized dynamic interactive design. He was an assistant professor at An Yang Technical College and a lecturer at several other universities in Korea. He also taught graphic design courses in the University of Illinois at Urbana–champaign, and received the “Teaching Excellence Award,” 1999–2000.

Chang has published three complete books and articles and held three solo exhibitions that contain works on extremely diverse experimental subjects. Professionally, he designed several newspapers, magazines, and more than 150 book covers besides creating many successful characters in Korea and on-line class web sites.

His research papers, articles, and works have appeared in various professional publications.

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