Truly Unique Illustrations by Polkadot Design

Truly Unique Illustrations by Polkadot Design


At the foot of the Acropolis, Nearchos Ntaskas and Clair Georgelli run their studio, “Polkadot Design“. They enjoy creating illustration and design for clients, personal projects and exhibitions.

Nearchos started out in 1994, making storyboards for animation productions around Europe. He is active in the field of art; through his exploration, he is more concerned to illustrate something ‘honest’ than ‘good looking’. This approach has lead him to illustrate for cultural events, book covers and newspapers, among others.

Clair has studied Typography & Graphic Communication in Reading University UK, where she developed her interest in typography for children and children’s books. She has written and illustrated a series of three children’s books ‘The Little Black Squid’ published at Metaichmio Publications.

The combination of illustration and lettering has an important interaction in their work. Although they don’t hesitate to use strong colours or big shapes, they achieve clarity and visual balance in their artwork.

Polkadot Design” has been repeatedly distincted at the European Design Awards, at the Greek Graphic Design & Illustration Awards (obtained the Golden Prize 2012 in Illustration), has been nominated for the ‘German Design Award’ and has been published in various design magazines such as the German ‘NOVUM’ world of graphic design and ‘Gallery’ the world’s best graphics.

View here some of their truly unique illustrations or visit them the “PolkaDot Design” portfolio at


Nearchos Ntaskas


Clair Georgelli