Unique Business Cards !!!

Unique Business Cards !!!


You want to create a business card, and you want it to explode your clients mind? Well, here are some really inspiring cards, funny and not at all dull. And when you come out with your amazing design, move on to overnight print and be ready for your next meeting!

1. Emerson Taymor – Who? Well, you won’t forget with this card.!!!


2. Hungry? – Edible business cards


3. On Fire – Literally


4. Multi Purpose


5. Easel – Stand your cards up to stand out!


6. Pop Out Cards


7. Wooden – Ideal if you work in carpentry…


8. On A Peg!!!


9. Ticket Stubs


10. Being Interactive


11. Dept Of Energy – Unique, although perhaps not for the wallet!


12. Fill Your Card – Sweet


13. Nissan Skyline


14. TAM Cargo Boxes


15. Break The Ice – say hello like Chris Spooner


16. Model Aircraft


17. Penny Shooter!!!


18. Secret Agent Man


19. Torn In Half – Like your marriage


20. X-ray!


21. Use Humour


22. Comb – Very cool for hairdressers

23. Cut! – This would be cool for a film company. A little fragile though?


24. Fiverr – Recycled cards


25. Pop-Up Cards


26. Cassette Cards – with the cassette case as the card holder?


source: Inspiration