Visual Identity for ‘Blés’ Organic Wines by CuldeSac™

Visual Identity for ‘Blés’ Organic Wines by CuldeSac™


The Spanish studio “pairs” brand and product in the new line by Aranleón, one of the most renowned wineries in the Valencian Community, backed by the Utiel-Requena D.O. mark.

In line with its project for repositioning the Valencian brand Aranleón, CuldeSac™ has defined a new identity through packaging for the new line of Blés products –Blés Reserva, Blés Crianza, Blés Roble and Blés Joven– including the design of the labels, boxes and corks for the new bottles.

CuldeSac™, one of the most versatile studios throughout Spain, has developed a new graphic for the Blés line, one that communicates and emphasizes the main attributes of the brand: organic, Mediterranean, warm and empathetic.

The creative motivation behind this rebranding comes from the “blés”, a yellow flower native to a 120-hectare vineyard in Aranleón. In the words of Dailos Pérez, a graphic designer at CuldeSac™, “Aranleón is the fruit of a young and committed initiative with a philosophy strongly rooted in creating organic wines. Ever since the beginning, we here in the creative team have been supported in the differentiating value of the brand, in its organic wines, to generate a set of illustrations for its Blés line that is capable of faithfully transmitting the link between the winery and the organic management of its vineyards.”

The result of this conceptualization is four series of labels that establish a hierarchy for the varieties of wine, each demonstrating a different type of animal –ladybug, honey bee, butterfly and bird– and its relation to the blés flower. Each of these small organic elements is taken from the firm’s corporate red, alluding to the accent colour of the word Aranleón in its logotype.

The illustrations, drawn by hand in order to highlight the unique and natural character of the product, emphasize the importance of the natural course of nature at organically cultivated vineyards and their irreplaceable link with Aranleón.

image001 image002 image002_1 image004 Label  Aranleλn BlΓs Crianza 2_by CuldeSac Label  Aranleλn BlΓs Crianza_by CuldeSac Label  Aranleλn BlΓs Joven_by CuldeSac Label  Aranleλn BlΓs Reserva_by CuldeSac Label  Aranleλn BlΓs Roble_by CuldeSac Visual identity  Aranleλn Bles_by CuldeSac


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