Weird Beauty


The “Weird Beauty” project is a collaboration between photographer Alexander Khokhlov based in Moscow, Russia and great make-up artist Valeriya Kutsan. In these series artists decided to deny any color in their series except black and white to make more accent on forms and volume. The experiment should prove that usual simple forms, familiar things or characters can be a main part of wonderful beauty looks. Model faces in this project are not just canvases for the face-arts – they play their own role in each photo with different parts.


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  • LolyCool

     omg this is brilliant every piece is incredible <3

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  • parisa

    it is great piece of art.I really was fascinated by it .thanks for creating them…

  • parisa

    It is great piece of art.I was really fascinated by it. thanks for creating this beauty emotion…

    • GRaphicART

      I am glad you liked them! This form of art is amazing!!! Valeriya Kutsan and Alexander KhoKhlov did awesome work!!!!