Why Everyone Love Those Curves?

Why Everyone Love Those Curves?


Formal or more formal, half grotesk, half rounded, sometimes slim, sometimes strong, serious, funny, female, and technological. Nice and familiar, very readable even at small sizes, thanks to its sober shapes and its simple construction. Everyone love those curves because they are sweet but not too much!

Bariol Font is a new rounded, slightly condensed typeface comes from Spain. Designers Raúl García del Pomar and Ismael González  are those behind the Atipo studio, located in Spain. They have a very clean and beautiful design style which you can feel with Bariol font but you can also see it to their other works in graphic communication, editorial design, corporate identity, web, motion, typography and illustrations. You are invited to take a look at their website: www.atipo.es


I must say here how much I adored their Bariol teaser video!
One more time we can see how the same nature inspire us and affect our designs!
Please spare some minutes and watch it.



 You can download this font for free at: www.bariol.com