Women’s Voice through Shapes and Vibrant Colours

Women’s Voice through Shapes and Vibrant Colours

It was thus that p.nitas* (which translates as “little sorrows”) broke sorrows to pieces, and these sorrows morphed into illustrations, into something new, as if they were light through a prism.

The artist has developed her own universe deploying shouts, yells, outcries, howls, hoots, gasps, bellows, shrieks and female bodies as expression channels, from a feminine sensitivity. She depicts women through an imagery packed with irony, sincerity, naivety, and rascality. Mouths, open vulvae, always, enormous eyes. These women’s voice is loud, stood for by a mind of their own – their creator’s.


piedra-stone-face-woman-illustration-ilustracion plato-ilustrado-mujer-feminismo-lineas-grito-femeneidad


Drawings with expressive lines and vivid, vibrant colours, feelings transformed into drawn yelling.

These are illustrations of nude women who yell, speak, cry, enjoy, contort, sing, ask questions, seek answers, recite poems, dance, whistle, clap their hands, tell tales… show their possible shapes, round strong hips, voluptuous breasts… with no fear and no shame. Always with a wide mouth and a LOUD VOICE!
It’s not all about unshut mouths and the nude vulvae, there are also humongous eyes showing looks that also speak of the deep awareness of being and feeling female.

Shouting that breaks through the quiescence cherished by patriarchy as one of the most admirable features of femininity. p.nitas* stand for an absolute rejection of silence on our lips, our vulvar ones too. Illustrations of lips and lips always unbolted. Unwavering cries for freedom elevated to their maximum power.

Each illustration, let it be of nude feminine bodies, matted hair, geometries of mouths, eyes, hand, feet, or interlaced tongues, is a pictorial fragment of the artist’s soul.
The creation of this pictorial universe in which a genuine and distinct imagery takes place, packed with irony, naivety, cunning, sincerity, simplicity and intimacy, is the result of the heartfelt, dreamy, and hopeful personality of the artist. p.nitas* achieves a transgression of the meaning and significance of the female body in patriarchal anthropologies. It claims new meanings creating new languages. “The crying of these women through my voice, and the voice of my strokes, from a feminine and feminist perspective, claims freedom of expression, of gender, of thought, of movement, of education, of being human”.

You are also part of the set of colours that compose our complex multi-coloured fan of feelings and emotions, because p.nitas* are us all!

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