Wonderful Illustrations by Jesse Lefkowitz

Wonderful Illustrations by Jesse Lefkowitz


Jesse Lefkowitz was born and raised in the hills of rural Virginia. His first choice of vocation was that of cowboy/frontiersman but, in 2001, he put those dreams aside to attend the Rhode Island School of Design.

Upon graduating, Jesse found employment in the illustration business as a gun-for-hire and he has finally taken that long, dusty trail out West. He now lives and works in Berkeley, California.


Money Magazine // Making Money in 2011

01 opener


02 spread (art direction by Tom O’Quinn)


03 your investments

Boston Globe // Ancient Rome in Current Television and Cinema


Boston Magazine // Aerosmith is Boston’s most famous and famously dysfunctional rock band


The village voice // Arturo o’farrill brings his father’s Jazz band back to cuba

01 illustration


02 cover (art direction by John Dixon)


Nature // Polar scientists must do a better job sharing data


Washington Post // How and why animals hibernate


New York Times Book Review // The novel “Typhoon” Is a modern spy Thriller set in China


7×7 // Top San Francisco Charities

01 spread (art direction by Nicholas Brawley)


02 detail


Promotion // the Bull and the Lion

01 Dyptych


02 details


Utne Reader // An English language Russian news channel has been acting as a mouthpiece for American far right groups



PlanSponsor // Investors who get financial guidance are more successful



Jesse Lefkowitz Illustration