Wonderful sticker packs by the best artists

Wonderful sticker packs by the best artists

A new frenzy trend has come with the Apple latest operating system iOS 10. The stickers on iMessage App and an App store that lets you download stickers and install games or apps to use within a conversation. This trend has lead designers and developers to design some amazingly adorable characters.

Sticker.Place is a new platform that has been created to feed this need and to serve as a platform for artists to upload their stickers, designed for iMessage but other platforms, too. No coding skills are required. Artists need only to do what they truly love: create great art, then upload their wonderful illustrations to the platform and let Sticker.Place do the rest.

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Sticker.Place has already launched 14 apps apps with some of the most talented illustrators in the world, that you can find on their website: https://sticker.place

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Check out some of the most trendy stickers

animation boompers-by-gabriel-fermanelli chapik-by-andrey-gordeev chub-chub-by-yoyo-the-ricecorps geometric-gang-by-jared-nickerosn kalimoto-by-tomba-lobos liquid-pals-by-pavel-mishkin nimbo-by-aldo-crusher the-wilds-by-alexey-kuvaldin ulappa-by-mikko-walamies woooooop-by-pedro-piccinini




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