Pure Creative Window Display for Hermès in Dubai

Pure Creative Window Display for Hermès in Dubai

French artists Zim&Zou designed this amazing window display project for the opening of a new Hermès store in Dubai (Mall of the Emirates).

Nature is surrounding us and never cease to evolve since its beggining. Its run defines the world we’re living in. Nature is linked to every living beings, and every living being is linked to it. In this project, spectators have a sneak pick of the curious characters living inside this environment. This microscopic point of view, where plants and other vegetal reign as masters, is like a kind of picture, a flash, a precise instant in nature’s unrestrained run. Life is everywhere, flowers are growing and carry away its inhabitants in their impetus. This mysterious people is evolving, building, and living right in the heart of the nature, revealing a fragment of their daily life. ~Zim&Zou

Zim&Zou are two french artists, based in Nancy. The duo is composed of Lucie THOMAS, born in the Vosges in 1987, and Thibault ZIMMERMANN, born in Paris in 1986. They studied graphic design (design, publishing, advertising) during three years. The duo decided to focus on installations using handcrafted objects made out of tangible materials such as paper, wood, thread, etc… rolling away from computer design. Anchored in craftsmanship, they create all the elements composing their installations by hand, from drawing to cutting and assembling.
Their favorite material is the paper they’re manipulating to give rise to intricate and colorful sculptures. Paper inspires them for its versatility, infinite range of colors and unique textures. The flat paper sheets turned into volume are giving an installation the poetry of ephemeral material.
Zim&Zou’s strenght is to be a complementary and polyvalent duo.
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Here is a small collection of Zim&Zou projects.

SXSW – Film Festival

Official poster of the SXSW Film Festival 2014 (Austin, Texas).
In collaboration with Gravillis.
“Our goal was to create a poster that did not feel like it could be easily digitally reproduced. Ultimately, we wanted to embrace the ‘do-it-yourself’ ethos that SXSW has shown each year with their creative and imaginative footprint at the festival.” -Gravillis Inc.

The Future of Food

Cover illustration for Icon magazine 104, about the Future of Food.
Inspired by 3D food printer technology.

Leather Parrot

Leather Parrot for Hermès, for Hilton Mc Connico’s exhibition in Hong Kong.Made with leather offcuts from Hermès workshops.