10 Brands That Would Benefit from A Bit Of Very Peri

Last month, the world-renowned global authority on colour, Pantone, released their Colour of the Year for 2022, and it’s already taking over the world. Very Peri, a ‘dynamic periwinkle blue hue with a vivifying violet-red undertone,’ exemplifies the transitory period the world is experiencing, having been ever-changed by the global pandemic.

2022 marks the first time that Pantone’s Colour Institute have created a new colour to be their Colour of the Year, rather than selected one from their back catalogue, and that means there’s a world of potential applications for Very Peri.

Pantone’s Colour of the Year normally has a huge impact on print, fashion, interior design, and consumer goods. In two of the last three years, Apple have released a new product that aligns with Pantone’s CotY, so keep an eye out for a purple-ish iPhone this year! It’s safe to say that in 2022 you’ll see more Very Peri than ever before.

According to Pantone, Very Peri conveys a sense of both creativity and credibility, making it a perfect choice for branding. The colour connoisseurs expect their new colour to work well both digitally and physically, calling it an ‘ideal shade for many applications of graphic and multimedia design as well as packaging.’

Expect, then, to see Very Peri adorning everything, from cereal boxes to billboards, in 2022. With that thought in mind, printing experts Solopress have reimagined some of the world’s most iconic logos, to see how well they perform in that dynamic blue shade.

Let’s just say some logos work better than others; we’ll let you decide which are best.



KFC’s logo has changed slightly over the past 50 years, but Colonel Sanders’ face and that iconic red background are synonymous with the fast food chain’s brand identity. Seeing the Colonel on a periwinkle background just feels… wrong! 4/10


The language-learning app, Duolingo, uses a green owl as their logo, to signify knowledge. Duo the owl, everyone’s favourite motivational language tutor, looks great after this makeover. Maybe now he’s dressed in Very Peri, people will feel less guilty about missing their daily Spanish lesson? 8/10


Rolling Stones

Very Peri simply doesn’t seem to match with this one. Despite its ‘vivifying violet-red undertone,’ periwinkle doesn’t have the same rock n’ roll oomph as Jagger and co’s traditional bold red. 2/10


We like this one very much! Understated and sleek, this logo could probably work in any colour, and the application of Very Peri makes for a very tasteful iteration. 9/10


Pringles’ recent rebrand has seen their mascot Mr. Pringles get a haircut and appear in a more emoji-like fashion. He’s appeared on so many different flavour cans of Pringles that this seems normal! What would Very Peri Pringles taste like? 5/10


Marvel’s new blockbuster, Spiderman: No Way Home, sees Peter Parker travelling through the multiverse, where there are infinite versions of reality. The Very Peri version of Spiderman is nice enough, but simply doesn’t have the same pizazz as the classic red. 6/10


Though gaming purists may disagree, we think the Xbox logo looks great with a variation on its traditional green colouring! Interestingly, Pantone and Microsoft have partnered together to release a range of screensavers matching the Colour of the Year, so a periwinkle Xbox might not be as far away as you think… 7/10


It seems as though the Starbucks logo would look great in most colours, and Very Peri is no exception. The coffee giants’ legendary mermaid logo signifies the brand’s links to Seattle and to the sea. She almost looks more at home against that periwinkle blue! 8/10


Our younger readers may not realise that ASDA’s logo wasn’t always green. The supermarket chain originally used an orange logo, before switching to green in 1985. In the supermarket sector, Tesco has the monopoly on blue, and ASDA in periwinkle is just… jarring? 4/10

Manchester United

We felt a bit guilty designing this, knowing how Manchester United fans around the world would feel, and the result is pretty much what you’d expect. Though purple and gold have been used to great effect by the L.A. Lakers, the Very Peri and yellow combination is a little less complementary. Besides, ‘The Peri Devils’ just doesn’t have the same ring as ‘The Red Devils.’ 1/10

If we’ve proved anything with these logos, it’s that you can’t just slap the Colour of the Year on anything! But the experts at Solopress love Very Peri, and can’t wait to see how it will be applied going forward. Pantone has even provided a range of complementary palettes that Very Peri can be paired with.

Head over to Solopress.com to see how you can apply your colour combo to posters, signage, business cards and much more!


Maria Papaefstathiou

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