12 beautiful art nouveau zodiac designs

12 beautiful art nouveau zodiac designs

Claus Jacobsen has worked as a freelance as a fashion designer and a graphic designer. After working for other Denmark or international fashion brands, Claus decided that it’s time to do something for himself. He started by designing 12 beautiful art nouveau style posters with zodiac signs.

Additionally, he has designed a package of 12 zodiac cards, which can be put in a frame, hung on the notice board or sent as postcards. Every single stroke is done by hand, using only pencil.

He has been inspired to work with zodiac signs because he likes the idea that everyone can relate to it. Some might not be into horoscopes or personality types, but whether or not you believe in it, everybody has one. For Claus, the zodiac sign is something personal because it relates to the day that one was born.

Claus’ 12 designs are unique, and I share with you, hoping you’ll like them and can relate yourself or your loved ones with one of them!

Check them out or order them from Claus online store at Etsy

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