Lisa Saad is the Commercial Photographer Winner of the “2015 AIPP Canon APPA”

Commercial photographer Lisa Saad has just won The AIPP Commercial Photographer of the Year at the prestigious 2015 Canon AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards held in Melbourne from 16thto 18thof October 2015.

“This win for me has been ten years in the making. A predominantly male dominated field with mostly industrial or architectural images in play I entered these awards with a new way of image making and a new philosophy in the way I approach my photography. The win for me is an honour and I thank all the sponsors involved as well as the AIPP.”

The Canon AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards attract thousands of entries from around the country and overseas each year.  The awards are the leading recognition for Professional Photographers and as such are highly coveted.

All the entries are judged over three days by a 5 personpanel of judges, selected for their skill, knowledge and experience. To be recognised by your peers in this fashion is one of the highest forms of recognition a professional photographer can achieve.
“The Canon AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards provide the ideal vehicle for professional photographers to understand the standard of their photography relative to their peers and other professionals from around the country. Professional photographers who enter these awards are constantly striving to improve their entry standard, and as a consequence the standard of professional photography is constantly improving.” Said AIPP Executive Officer Peter Myers “That’s why Australian photographers are considered to be amongst the best in the world.”

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APPA 2015 Lisa Saad - 2

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About Lisa Saad:

Lisa Saad is an accomplished Advertising, Commercial, Corporate and Food Photographer. Lisa is always on the hunt for unique photographic briefs and is not satisfied unless she has found and exhausted every possible angle to fulfil a brief.

Reoccurring elements of Lisa’s work are, crystal clear colours for industrial and product; texture, wings and a sense of drama for art; matching style for corporate and people photography.

“Photography is my calling, my profession, and all I ever wanted to do since I stumbled over an old camera in a pile of rubbish when I was six. I was born with this craving to explore. The next 40 years I shot, developed, imagined, pondered, created and retouched. Won some important awards, joined some important associations, jumped into the water, built a vast studio, shot film, found love, got married and shot some more.

This might be convoluted for some, but I am a dedicated versatile photographer. I still love analogue and am equally passionate about shooting in all sorts of digital media.

I am happy, creative and friendly when I shoot. I see dozens of solutions when presented with a problem. I find it exciting to be the conduit between the client’s vision and a final product that captures the essence of the briefs. I don’t mind if this requires me to go for a simple, pragmatic, out-of-the-box, innovative or high-end technically sophisticated approach or until 3am – so long as the product satisfies the client – and is beautiful.”

It is Lisa’s preparedness to flout the rules of conventional photography that has made her a favourite with creative directors, public relations practitioners, magazines and graphic designers in Australia and overseas and has secured her numerous local and international photographic awards. Lisa is at the forefront of a new approach to creating imagery and understands that, good imagery should be available to everyone.

Lisa has photographed ‘high-end’ advertising campaigns, fashion, lifestyle, location, corporate, food, portraiture, editorial and illustrative work to automotive shoots. She has shot stills for all the major TV networks in Australia and is a talented camera operator and DOP.

Lisa is the Australian Professional Ambassador for Manfrotto and an Ilford Master.


About the AIPP:

The Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) is the leading membership body for the professional photography communityand the only organisation offering a true accreditation scheme for professional photographers in Australia. Check out the winners of all categories HERE.


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