Interview with Photo Editor Juan Ediciones

1. Hello Juan. Welcome to my “home” of creativity. Please, tell us about your work. What led you to becoming a photo editor?
I always liked the world of music and photography, especially the latter. When I started taking image more seriously and decided to make my love my profession I shared my work with the world where I found that people were liking it. Today, I have already restored more than 500 photographs .

2. What first draw your interest in photography?
I always felt inspired by the things that could be achieved thanks to photography and photo editing . A photograph can stream the many feelings and what draw my interest was to see images and designs of other artists on the Internet which in the proccess helped me to cultivate my skills.

3. Is being a photo editor what you thought it would be?
Yes, and I dare to say, it’s even better! It is very nice to see the world liking your creations, to share with them your passion, to follow tutorials … I’m very happy with what I do.


4. What’s the most satisfying part of your day?
The most gratifying is to see people admire your work and how they even want to touch the restored photograph of their father or grandfather. I also like how people interact with me through social networks seeing my work.

5. Could you expand on the process of editing?
Every picture I get is something new, so the first thing I always do is amplify it to see what kind of defects it has. My way of working begins with the easiest fix first and then gradually go to smaller and complicated. Also I usually start at the bottom and leave face to the final.


6. In your opinion, what makes a great photo?
I think for a good restoration the process must be done slowly, gradually and with much affection noticing small details so that the image will not lose its essence.

7. Has finding decent photographers become easier or harder in the digital age?
I think with the new digital age now there are more photographers because it’s easy for people to remove a camera and many more photos with reel also need not be disclosed as photographs for years purchased. But answering the question I think it’s easier because there are more besides.

juan-m-ediciones (2)

8. Where would you like your work to lead you? Do you have any aspirations or plans for the future?
I would love for more people to know my work and my goal is to teach what I know to many more people through my youtube channel making tutorials. I recently started doing photoshop tutorials on youtube and I hope that in the future many more people follow these videos and learn all I know. You can visit my youtube channel at ……….

9. Any advice for the up -coming photo editors– or photographers?
The best advice is they should not do this just for money but only because they love and are passionate about this job. In the process, the revenues will come in abadance.

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