Gustavo Piqueira’s LULULUX: A Narrative Dining Set

Playing with the physical and symbolic aspects of both books as well as of home utensils, Lululux mixes up formats & reassigns functions. An amusing game of re-signification that questions our very perceptions on what a ‘book’ is or should be like.

Written by Gustavo Piqueira, its fictional narrative is subdivided into 34 parts. They are not, however, 34 chapters. Actually, it’s rather difficult to classify Lululux as a book. Unbound by any fixed structure, its content is spread across a ‘narrative dining set’: 20 napkins, 06 placemats and 08 coasters.

Each material is silkscreened with one of the 34 fragments of the narrative, along with a number which indicates their sequential order.

“This unique structure allows to enter the narrative from any desired point, creating a multiplicity of different reading possibilities. People can sequentially follow the numbers of each material, read one format at a time or for those who are not that much into books and literature, they can even be used to set the table at a dinner party.”, says Gustavo.

Breaking down paradigms and the conventional barriers commonly put up between written and visual narratives, Lululux uses design not solely as a visual complement, but as a true transformative element of the reading experience.

With a limited print run of 600 numbered copies, Lululux was printed entirely in silk screen at Casa Rex’s Print Workshop, nested in a wooden box also printed in silk screen.

For more information, visit the project’s website — — (in portuguese), which features a variety of exclusive materials — usage instructions, images of its production process, as well as a collection of videos where Gustavo goes into details on the conception of the project.

REX_Lululux_01 REX_Lululux_03 REX_Lululux_04 REX_Lululux_05



At the head of Casa Rex, his house of design, Gustavo Piqueira has received over 350 international graphic design awards. His creativity spans way beyond the borders of just one field: transitioning across all areas of graphic design, expanding his work with illustrations, objects, typography, and culminating into his 16 published books — contemporary narratives that blend design, history, art and literature; testing the limits of visual and written languages.

For more information on his design projects: (english & portuguese)

For his books: (portuguese only)


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Author: Gustavo Piqueira
Editor: Lote 42
Language: Portuguese
Dimensions: 32,5 x 23,5 x 6,8 cm
Edition: Single print run of 600 numbered copies
Year of launch: 2015


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