9 Important Suggestions for an Effective Logo Design

An effective logo design is arguably the most important part of a branding and marketing strategy because a good logo is worth a thousand words. Some companies have excellent logos that are immediately recognizable and timeless, like the McDonalds golden arches, the Pepsi red and blue, the Starbucks siren, and the Ralph Lauren polo player. This is the first impression a client gets and hopefully a lasting impression that captures the company’s identity and values, and makes it stand out among all the other options. Below is a list of 9 tips to keep in mind when designing your logo to make sure it’s an effective design that works for your company. 

1. Reflect the brand.

An effective logo communicates the identity of the brand and communicates its core messages. Before you design it, make sure you understand the brand’s vision and values, its target audience and existing customers. Write down your brand ideology at the moment and its future goals. It’s also important to understand your brand personality, whether it’s a soft tone or projects strength and firmness. How do you want your brand and logo to be perceived in the market?

2. Go for simplicity.

In almost every case, less is more and minimalistic designs are usually the most successful. To have a successful minimal logo, consider using only the minimum components you need to convey the idea you want. A good, simple logo should just be an extension of the brand’s identity and this doesn’t need to be over-complicated.

MBJ Airports Limited logo design by Maria Papaefstathiou

3. First impression is key.     

The logo should make not only a good first impression on customers but also a lasting one. A quick look at your logo should be enough to catch the attention of your audience. If they have a good impression, it will only serve to attract more customers; to do this, make sure it’s unique so it stands out from all the other logos out there, and also better designed. 

4. It should reflect your business. 

Your logo should represent your business in every way from the images, colors, and fonts. It should be clear enough from your logo what your business is about and what products or services you deliver. 

5. It should be versatile. 

Your logo should be versatile and work on every type of media possible. As explained by Tina Reed, a web designer at Academized and MBA Essay Help, “your logo should look good whether it’s on good old paper letterhead, a business card, a mobile app icon, a website header, and more. That’s another reason why it’s so important to keep it simple, so it can be adapted for every type of platform.” 

6. It should be timeless.

Your effective logo design should be timeless, meaning it should work no matter what societal and technological changes come about in the future, and it shouldn’t be based on the current trend the year you design it. Trends come and go so quickly in the industry that you don’t want your logo to look dated and you have to run a brand redesign. An effective logo is a timeless one.

Cool Jerk logo design by Maria Papaefstathiou

7. Consider your color use.

You want to have the right colors that work with your business’ brand to help it be recognizable. You also have to make sure it works in the physical and digital world. You also need to think of what would happen if you couldn’t display your logo in color. It has to also work as a black and white version if needed, such as on faxed documents, stationery, and more. 

To do this, make sure that your logo looks amazing even when you’re still in the sketching phase so it’s still in black and white. Don’t assume that it will only be amazing once you fill it in with colors.

8. Choose fonts wisely.

Robert Woods, a developer at Big Assignments and Australian Assignment Help, shares that “you also want the right typeface because they speak volumes about the brand’s identity. Consider who your target audience is and which type of font would attract them most.” 

9. Make it scalable. 

Your logo design should work whether it’s printed large or small, and make sure it’s legible at each stage. It has to also work with your business as you evolve without needing a total rebrand every time.


Guest Post by Chloe Bennet

Chloe Bennet is an academic writer at Hrm assignment help and Best essay writer services. She writes about college life, helps to protect student identity and reviews security hacks. Also, Chloe is a tutor at Essay help in Adelaide website.

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